Content Marketing: Shine Through the Fog in the Bay Area

Jill Mukai
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The San Francisco Bay Area is called home to people from all walks of life. In addition to people, the locals of San Francisco have even created a persona for the seemingly ever-present fog, who is referred to as Karl. Similar to the rarely sunny skies in the city, you may be finding it hard to get your small business’ content to shine through all the marketing noise that people are exposed to everyday. If this statement resonates with you, here are some helpful tips and tricks to stand out in the Bay Area. 

  1. Bigger Doesn’t Always Mean Better 

As a small business, there are some advantages that you have over larger companies. Compared to being worldwide or nationwide, a small business’ marketing efforts in the Bay Area can cater to a significantly smaller group of people. With that being said, provide content that would be irrelevant anywhere else besides the Bay Area. This method can interest individuals at a more intimate level. In addition, you have the constant opportunity to be personable, be relatable, and be genuine; use this to your advantage.

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  1. Think Like a Local 

If you were a local in the Bay Area, what would you value in a company? To understand this, it is important to immerse yourself into the culture and values of the Bay Area. This region is generally known as the technological epicenter of the United States. But as a local, the Bay Area is so much more than that. Ideas like sustainability, the environment’s wellbeing, as well as diversity and acceptance are concepts that generally resonate within people that live here. By incorporating values and trends like these into your content, you can appeal to a more emotional aspect, thus making your business more inviting to potential clients.

  1. Be Present Where Your Audience Is Present 

Ensure that your company remains relevant and up-to-date on the latest media platforms. Whether it be TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, you want to make sure that you are present where your target audience is. An ongoing trend in the marketing industry is video marketing. After the overwhelming amount of attention TikTok received in 2019, many other social media platforms developed their own versions of TikTok (ex. Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts). Pay close attention to new developments like these, as they often point to where your target audience’s attention may be. As a small business, it is important that you showcase and intertwine your authenticity and elements of the Bay into your content. 

  1. Consistently Engage With Followers 

In addition to being present with your audience, it is also important to engage with them. Assuming small businesses have a lower follower count, you can undoubtedly find the time to consistently engage with your audience; whether it be through posts, polls, or direct messages. Listen to what they say and consider adjusting your content material to their preferences.

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  1. Keep Your Competitors Close(-ish)

By this, I’m referring to keeping a close eye on how your competitors are moving in their content marketing aspects. In an area so unique to the rest of the world, your competitors are likely trying to target the same niche target audiences in the Bay Area as you are. Analyze their content outputs and examine what is working for them and what is not. After gathering this information, you can review your findings and integrate ideas that you deem significant to your strategy. 


Don’t forget that marketing is not a linear process. It is a world of constant change, failure, and reassessment. Not everything you try will succeed, but just remember that you are also one step closer in the right direction. The Bay Area is a special place that wants to nurture and support growth to everyone and everything that lives there; your business is not an exception. Take the time to fully try and understand the culture, trends, and values of the people that live here and you will likely become an expert at composing content for them.

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