Why Pinterest Is a Social Platform Worth Using for Your Business

Shan Serran
July 21, 2022
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Do Pinterest Ads pay off?

Why do many businesses have preconceived notions about whether or not Pinterest Ads are worth it?

They continue to think that Pinterest is a fun place where people go to pass the time while looking for inspiration for things like what to dress on Monday or how to create their child's birthday cake.

With Pinterest, users may search on topics ranging from DIY accessories to blog article optimization, from makeup to interior design. However, it quickly evolved into a passive income source for countless industries. The site is still expanding in the number of active users and the range of specialties.

Do Pinterest advertisements make sense to test, given the lucrative prospects offered by other platforms? The quick answer is yes.

An unending amount of data will support the platform's economic viability. Pinterest features a sophisticated promotion platform you may use right away, like Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn.

Pinterest is a full-funnel marketing platform for businesses prioritizing customer acquisition, from building brand awareness to boosting engagement to facilitating purchases. You must have a business account to promote on Pinterest.

Users can choose from 5 different sorts of ads on Pinterest, depending on the goals of the campaign:

  • Awareness
  • Engagement
  • Web usage
  • Increase app downloads
  • Pins for promoted videos

Who Can Benefit from Pinterest Marketing?

Unfortunately, Pinterest is not as popular as it may sound for everyone. Around the world, there are numerous varieties of business models.

Therefore, it is vital to know in advance whether or not your business can use Pinterest effectively for marketing before you leap in and set high expectations.

You should be aware of two general rules that cover the kinds of companies that have been shown to succeed on Pinterest.

Why Pinterest Marketing Often Benefits B2C Companies More than B2B Companies.

  • Excellent visual products and content, such as infographics and DIY projects.

There's no need to initially reject your assumption that Pinterest is where most of your target audience hangs out. In the end, since you are the one who knows your product or service better than anyone else, you are the only one who can say whether or not you should consider Pinterest marketing.

5 Reasons to Use Pinterest Ads

1. They Generate A lot of Traffic

You might be wondering if Pinterest advertising is more successful than those on other well-known platforms? The difficulty of generating organic traffic is a prevalent issue for social networks. In particular, networks that emphasize visual content, like TikTok or Instagram, are designed to keep users on the platform for as long as feasible.

Pinterest, however, is an exception that promotes brand awareness and increases website traffic. It has expanded to include a search function where users can look for and store photographs.

It has a tremendous ability to boost website traffic using both free and paid methods. Pinterest can rank among your top referral sources in your analytics if used correctly. Making visually appealing pins is the golden rule of operating successful Pinterest advertising campaigns.

Even if you have the best product, the best price, or the most popular content, nothing will matter if you can't make the content visually appealing.

If you are new to the platform, take into account these suggestions for making captivating images:

  • When choosing colors, gravitate toward reds and pinks
  • Make fonts for your company
  • Make the background simple
  • Employ vertical imagery
  • Don't include faces in the pictures

Consider that texts are also in play if you want to understand why Pinterest advertising is worthwhile. Your content will convert more effectively, the more it is related to the offer in the graphic.

Use Pinterest keywords to raise the rate of engagement for your ads. People emphasize Pinterest keywords because Pinterest has unique keyword features compared to other search engines. The search terms that are effective on different platforms might not apply here.

Fortunately, there are many ways to use Pinterest to find the most pertinent and practical keywords. You can use Pinterest Ads, the search bar, and the terms your competitors employ.

2. Boost Conversion Rate

Are Pinterest advertisements still worthwhile compared to Instagram and TikTok?

The answer is "YES"!

People are interested in finding new websites and brands. The original purpose of Pinterest was for discovery. It serves up the top results for users' searches as a search engine.

Therefore, you must ensure that users do not disregard your content. Clarify what kind of material works for you to encourage calls to action on Pinterest. Look at your organic data before moving on to the advertisements.

For instance, it might be advisable to start with pushing a video pin if your videos have more engagement than photo material. The most popular pins on your website can also be promoted.

Additionally, look at your Google Analytics to observe how visitors interact with your content once they get on your website, then adjust the campaign as necessary.

Website traffic is the option that works well for promoting initiatives that are focused on increasing conversions. Selecting the proper time frame for conversion initiatives is crucial. It serves no purpose to advertise your artistic luminaires for outdoor weddings in the dead of winter. Be cautious once more when selecting keywords for campaigns.

Set up the Pinterest tag tracker to determine whether or not Pinterest Ads are worthwhile. When visitors come to your site through Pinterest, it delivers information on nine different sorts of activity. Using custom conversion reports, you can list the campaigns and evaluate their effectiveness based on their conversion tracks. This can help you comprehend how various audiences react to your ads.

3. Promoted Pins Are Inexpensive

Pinterest advertisements have a minimal cost. The sophisticated ads manager on Pinterest makes it possible to reach a target more precisely while maintaining a low cost per click (CPC). You can further lower the promotion cost depending on the advertisement type.

Since users used to pin and save their favorite pins, Pinterest advertising has higher engagement rates than the industry average.

According to Pinterest, engagement rates for Promoted Pins range from 2 to 5%.

Additionally, brands that conduct promoted campaigns receive a complimentary engagement rate of 30%.

So, how effective are Pinterest Ads?

Because Pinterest does not charge for additional clicks caused by resharing your pin. You do not pay for a click if a user repins your promoted pin and a different user clicks on the repinned material. When using engagement ad campaigns, you only pay for repins or clicks directly attributed to your article.

The typical price of a Pinterest ad is as follows:

  • $2 to $5 per 1000 impressions for brand exposure
  • Engagements range from $0.10 to $1.50 each.
  • Website traffic: $0.10 to $1.50 per engagement

Keep an eye on the bid amount you specify. The highest price you are willing to offer for the desired action that the campaign demands is known as the maximum bid.

If you are just starting with Pinterest advertisements, experiment with more minor proposals to gauge their performance for you.

However, set a more significant price to secure your position if you are in a crowded niche where many competitors are promoting.

4. Sophisticated Targeting Choices

The best feature of Pinterest Ads is that it offers sophisticated targeting capabilities to help businesses find their ideal clients. You can target engaged audiences, act-alike users, placements, retarget website visits, and submit your list of target audiences depending on the users' familiarity with your Pinterest behavior.

You can design your audience if none of those conditions match the objectives of your campaign. Businesses have access to over 5000 interest groups to choose from using Pinterest ad targeting.

Businesses can also combine several targeting choices to design highly targeted campaigns that yield the most significant profit.

5. Pinterest Advertising Boosts Online Sales

Pinterest has served as a venue for people and organizations to exchange ideas, produce practical information, and inspire users.

Since Pinterest Ads were introduced, it has provided opportunities for both minor and major businesses to boost their sales.

55% of users, according to Pinterest, visit the site to buy something. Because of the platform's emphasis on visual appeal, it encourages users to make purchases.

87% of pinners claimed to have bought something after visiting the website.

As the platform's ability to generate sales increased, Pinterest expanded its eCommerce capabilities to Buyable pins. These pins enable users to do product searches and purchase right from the hook. Automatically uploading their WooCommerce products enables WordPress users to enhance their website experiences.

The first ones are branded with clickable dots, which is the only distinction between Buyable Pins and other promoted pins. Pinterest advises using 4-6 dots for tagging photographs. Each dot is a link to the item's page.

Many Etsy sellers raised their sales due to Pinterest Ads because both Pinterest and eCommerce websites have appropriate customer bases.

Do You Need Pinterest For Your Business?

Pinterest can be a fantastic tool for a successful social media strategy. Consider all the advantages you could enjoy if you used it to advertise, build your brand, and drive traffic.

However, some companies are still unsure of Pinterest's suitability for them.

Here are some things to think about if you're one of them:

1. Examine Your Referral Traffic

Google Analytics is one tool you may use to determine whether or not Pinterest is driving traffic to your website. It would probably be preferable to try it if the results are positive.

2. Check Your Content for Pinterest-Worthiness

Users don't just have to rely on eye-catching pictures to gain attention on Pinterest, despite it being a visual search engine tool.

Additionally, you should think about whether you can provide your audience with helpful content. Your Pinterest marketing will be successful if these two crucial elements are present.

3. Determine Your Level of Interest in Pinterest.

Even if you have engaging material and eye-catching photographs to publish for your target audience on Pinterest, Google Analytics shows that the site is driving visitors to your website. It's preferable to leave the platform sooner rather than later to avoid further damage to your company.

To avoid wasting time, energy, and money, determine whether marketing on Pinterest is your area of interest.

4. Make it Passionate

Find out if you are passionate about using the Pinterest platform by exploring it. Whether you're a company or just someone who enjoys pinning material, marketing on Pinterest won't be such a horrible idea.

There is a 100% probability that you may use your enthusiasm for Pinterest marketing to create something that will bring a lot of traffic to your website. You can develop numerous effective Pinterest marketing methods for your company if you do this consistently.

6. Test Your Creative Persistence

Creating valuable, high-quality content is one of Pinterest's most important practices. If you believe you can create it consistently, you have strong creative muscles.

Some businesses contact experts solely to produce a steady stream of excellent material that their target audience could find helpful.

In either case, it's essential that you can constantly offer niche-related material that is engaging, worthwhile, and pertinent.


Marketers in the agile era must venture outside Google, Facebook, or Instagram ads and explore uncharted territory.

Pinterest is a clever way to increase website traffic and connect with potential customers. It offers countless chances to reach your untapped audience.

We advise you to start testing Pinterest Ads to determine their effectiveness for your niche. Start with a modest budget and increase it as your campaign's successes show. We hope these numbers convince you that Pinterest Ads are worthwhile.

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