Google’s MUM algorithm: Everything you must know 

Shan Serran
February 4, 2022
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Google is one of the biggest search engines with many other services as well. Whether you want directions to a good restaurant or find research articles, Google has it all for you. Regular updates and changes are common in the Google services. However, recently Google released an update that has caught many people’s attention. The MUM update combines several google technologies with Artificial Intelligence. 

With the goal of making search engines more powerful, Google’s MUM is going to change things a lot. Let’s dive deeper into what this is about and how it can affect you. 

What is Google’s MUM algorithm?

The Google Multitask Unified Model (MUM) algorithm is developed with the goal of answering modern search demands by using an AI-powered algorithm. The use of artificial intelligence in google’s already strong search engines is going to improve online search capability. 

Some users needed multiple searches and faced geographical and language barriers due to a lack of intuition in search engines. Now, Google’s MUM will remove all these barriers with its ability to interpret not just textual searches but also images, videos, and podcasts. This is something that was never possible before. 

As a result, users will be able to gain deeper insights without needing a lot of effort. With the ability to work in almost 75 languages, it can pool and serve results that give a holistic and comprehensive search experience. The algorithm has the ability to answer even really complex queries.

Also, it will redefine the way people access and use information on the world wide web. In short, the searches will provide relevant and useful insights than ever before. 

Google MUM’s Skillset



  • Trained in 75 languages

The ability to work in 75 languages allows MUM to remove language barriers and expand the pool of results. No matter what language your answer is in, MUM will find it and translate it for you. 

  • Ability to work on multiple tasks

This feature allows MUM to achieve a more comprehensive understanding of knowledge and information as compared to previous algorithms. The use of AI will allow it to give you the answers that YOU need.  

What does the MUM update mean for you?

The majority of online users rely on the biggest search engine - Google - for their text-related queries. 

With the release of the MUM algorithm, a huge shift is expected in how the search engine will provide us results. One of the biggest issues being the language barrier, which only provided results in the language you searched in, which is now removed.

Moreover, the versatility in search options will allow users to be more specific in their search queries instead of relying on vague and SEO-friendly language. 

How will MUM affect the search engine?

Many website owners and publishers criticized Google for encouraging users to visit the sites on the first page of the SERP. 

However, now with the MUM algorithm, a shift is expected in the search strategy. This will encourage users to delve into smaller and independent resources through pathways and pictures. 

Additionally, SEO critics have a piece of good news in the MUM update. Though it is yet to be seen, MUM will allow website owners to publish according to the service or information provided. 

The benefits of using MUM

Undoubtedly, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is going to be a crucial part of future updates of Google and other search engines. The effects of using AI in such services can have really far-reaching consequences. 

Though, google MUM is just the beginning of this evolution. Still, its benefits are quite noticeable. Here are the pros of Google’s MUM algorithm:


  • No language barriers

MUM will allow you to find results in multiple languages. As a result, you will access a treasure of local as well as insightful information than before. Moreover, it aims to become an expert translator with added value. The results will be concise, detailed, and quickly delivered in a language of your understanding. 

It will be like interacting with a human expert who can talk in any language you want. 

Furthermore, searches are no longer going to be limited by words. You can elicit more information and answers by adding images, videos, or web pages in the search. As a result, you will access international content as well. 

  • Multi-modal matter

The google MUM algorithm uses the T5 text-to-text framework. Also, it is 1000 times more powerful than BERT. As a result, not only can you find answers to simple questions, but also the ones with no straightforward answer. The multimodal approach will find an answer, even if it’s in an image with Japanese text. 

For instance, you could take a picture of your hiking boots and ask Google if they are perfect for your hiking trip to Mount Fuji. And the MUM algorithm will let you know the answer and also connect you to websites with recommended gear. Also, the MUM algorithm is expected to expand to modalities like video and audio as well. 

  • AI and Search Engine

Previously, search engines focused on the way content is created. The focus lied on keywords, intent, phrases, and other factors. So, will the use of AI change how businesses attract and engage visitors? No doubt it is a really intelligent algorithm aimed at providing relevant content.  

So, yes, MUM will affect how the websites appear in results. Wrongly pitched, irrelevant websites will be disappeared. Special steps are taken to remove any bias from the results. More focus will be given to user experience, content, accessibility, SEO, and the intent. Therefore, content must be more than just keywords. 

Many businesses will need to redesign their website and publish content with a variety of multimedia. This is because the user experience is MUM’s highest priority. 

Four ways this AI breakthrough will improve the search results

Certainly, the use of Artificial Intelligence in Google’s MUM algorithm is going to change the way people search online. This breakthrough will set the base for upcoming updates and features to work even better. 


Here are four ways the use of AI in MUM will affect your search results:

  • Questions behind questions

The use of AI will allow MUM to see how topics intersect with each other. As a result, you will get access to useful information even when it is not clearly mentioned in the query. 

  • One topic, many aspects

MUM will allow people to conduct simple searches on the Google search engine. If someone is searching on a topic they’re beginning to investigate; the, links will also cover a variety of related topics. For instance, you could search for acrylic painting and find tools to use, how to clean up, and much more. 

Moreover, the use of videos and images in the search results page is making searching more visual. 

  • Pictures and text

MUM can understand pictures, videos, and audio in addition to text. This will also play a huge role in  Google’s lens search tool. For example. You could take a picture of a flat tire and search “how to fix it.” As a result, you will be provided with ways to change a flat tire. 

  • Decoding videos

Previously, search engines couldn’t decode videos as well as text. However, with google’s MUM algorithm, they can find videos even if they’re not optimized with terms related to them. This feature will also work on YouTube videos that appear in Google’s SERP. 

MUM vs. BERT - What’s the difference?

Just as every latest launch is claimed to be the best, so is MUM. In 2019, when BERT (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers) was released, the main focus was on keywords and phrases. It understood searched better than ever before. 

However, the content was required to answer common questions. Keywords were the key phrases that provided answers based on the user’s intent. Moreover, research showed that BERT and other algorithms based on it perpetuated bias. 

Though both BERT and MUM are built on the Transformer Architecture, yet, the multitasking abilities of MUM are far better than BERT. This is why it is more powerful than BERT. 

Additionally, MUM is able to operate in 75 languages and perform a whole range of tasks. The ability of MUM to identify and comprehend multiple forms of media at the same time is what sets it apart from BERT. 

It is being said that MUM is 1000 times better and powerful than the BERT algorithm. This is surely going to change the way you perform searches. Also, extensive testing is being done to ensure that no such biases exist in the algorithm. This is one of the reasons why Google hasn’t deployed all of its MUM features right now. 


Since the beginning, Google has been trying to make search engines feel more natural. Before the release of BERT, the search engine relied on keywords to appropriately understanding queries. It was nowhere near the natural way of communication. 

However, BERT changed the way how people searched on Google. It used keywords to interpret the content of words. As a result, BERT changed the game for SEO. Moreover, it reduced the impact of keywords in page rankings. It focused on the answer to users’ queries, even if the website didn’t use the keywords. 

Now, MUM could be expected to improve search engines to such an extent that the idea of keywords becomes obsolete. Since the search engine will be able to understand natural language, people will stop using keywords in searches. As a result, keywords might lose their value. 

Undoubtedly keywords will still be important, but not really in terms of page ranking. The idea of optimizing web pages might not exist at all. Thus, people will start writing articles for the people instead of just a better page ranking. 

Final thoughts

MUM is undoubtedly the most powerful update in Google’s search engine. With the use of AI, it is going to revolutionize how people use search engines. The results of MUM will be more widespread than BERT. 

Thus, SEO experts will have to adapt to this change and create valuable content. Though previous updates in google’s search engine didn’t really affect the way SEO worked, it won’t be the same this time. 

With the ability to work in natural language, no one will waste effort to use keywords while searching. However, the absence of ranking and SEO will increase the competition even more. Nevertheless, we can only wait to see how MUM changes the SEO. 

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