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What services does Veewz provide?

Veewz offers Organic SEO, Local SEO, Paid Search Ads and Social Media Ads. We specialize in Google and Facebook platforms.

What is your pricing model?

Unlike other digital marketing agencies, we offer upfront pricing to our clients through our packages. As Veewz values transparency, features for each package are conveniently outlined for you on our website.

Where are you located and what are your hours of operation?

Our office is at 77 Geary St., 5th Floor, San Francisco, CA 94108. Our hours of operation are 9:00am to 6:00pm, Monday through Friday.

How can I contact Veewz?

You can call us at (601) 274-3493 or email us at info@veewz.com.

Do you work with clients who are out of state or in another country?

While our physical location is in California, we are able to serve customers in the US and Canada.

What kind of reports will I receive?

All Veewz packages come with access to a dashboard where you can conveniently monitor all your ongoing campaigns anytime. Our project coordinators will also send you a set-up report and an analysis report, depending on what plan you are on. Reports are generated on a monthly basis.

Can you provide relevant and current benchmark data for peers/competitors?

Yes. We start our work with customers with an in-take call where we try our best to understand your company’s industry. This will include providing relevant benchmark information, which we will use to evaluate the success of the campaigns we run.

How do I pay for agency fees?

Once you have decided which plan works best for you, you can purchase the plan on the Veewz website. You are given the option to purchase monthly or 3-month plans.

What sort of businesses do you work with?

Veewz digital marketing packages are designed with the small and mid-sized businesses in mind. We offer affordable packages without compromising on results. We understand the limitations that come with having a lean in-house team. You can use Veewz’s services to outsource all your digital marketing needs or treat us as an extension of your marketing team.

How does Veewz charge for SEO services?

We offer a flat monthly or 3-month subscription fee.

How do I know if I need Organic SEO or Local SEO?

The goal of both Organic SEO and Local SEO is to optimize your website, and increase your online presence. The key difference is that Organic SEO (also known as traditional SEO) optimizes on content, and Local SEO optimizes for location. If your business has a physical location, then Local SEO will be the better option for you. If your business caters to a nationwide market, Organic SEO would be a better fit.

When do I start seeing results from the SEO campaign?

Within 3 months, our first-time customers get 60% of their keywords on the first page of the search. This happens 80% of the time.

How does Veewz charge for paid ads services?

We offer a flat monthly or 3-month subscription fee that includes everything from setting up your campaigns on the Google Ads and/or Facebook network (depending on your package of choice). To see worthwhile results in your campaigns, we have designed our packages to work best with advertising spends of a $500 minimum.

Is your agency able to produce digital creative materials that meet my branding guidelines?

For a minimal extra cost, we are able to produce materials for the campaigns you will run through us on the Google Display Network and Facebook Ads. We make sure that these materials are created with your brand colors and fonts. You may provide us with your own images. Otherwise, we default to using stock photos.

How do I know how much to budget for my advertising spend?

Your ad spend budget should be based on the cost per click of your industry. Use these links as your starting point:

FB Ads Benchmarks
Google Ads Benchmarks

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