Influencer Marketing Strategy Guide in 2022

Shan Serran
August 4, 2022
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Influencer marketing was done mainly by a few dedicated bloggers and well-known people some time ago. Now, it seems like we've seen social media stars grow, flood the market, and even get into fraud.

Suppose you've looked into influencer marketing previously. In that case, you may have come across conflicting advice, with suggestions ranging from employing social influencers without a doubt to saying they're not vital for development.

As a business, it's harder than ever to figure out how to use influencer marketing, but we have a guide to help you figure it out.

Read on for tips to help you decide if influencer marketing is proper for you.

What Is Influencer Marketing?

As part of an influencer marketing plan, brands work with social media influencers to sell their goods and services.

Influencers have a large and loyal following on social media sites because of their knowledge, experience, or unique point of view. They often give their fans content on several social media sites, such as:

  • Podcasts
  • Blogs on the Internet that are hosted on WordPress, Wix, or other content management systems
  • Instagram
  • Tweets
  • TikTok
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn
  • Snapchat
  • Twitch

Everyone wins when a company works with an influencer to reach more people, get more attention, and sell more of a new product. When influencers post about a brand on their social media profiles, their target audience naturally sees the post.

Marketing With the Help of Social Media

As part of a marketing strategy called "social media influencer marketing," brands work with social media influencers to get closer to the people they want to reach.

By working with influencers, businesses can get the attention of the people they want to reach and spread helpful information.

Influencer Marketing Advantages

The influencer marketing market will be worth $16.4 billion in 2022. Almost 68% of businesses plan to spend more on influencer marketing in the coming years.

Let's look at some of the benefits that businesses might get from influencer marketing:

Build Trust and Credibility

Influencers build trust and credibility with their followers by sharing what they know and have learned about a specific topic. Followers engage with their content, get inspired by it, and take their advice seriously.

When influencers post about a brand on their social media pages, they give the company the trust they have earned.

Followers of the influencer like how they market a particular product or service because they find it useful, informative, and helpful.

Makes People Aware of a Brand

By working with influencers, brands can reach the people they want to reach online. They might make more people aware of their brand and put their goods in front of interested customers.

If not, building such a loyal following would take a long time and a lot of work.

The Appropriate Audience

Recent statistics show that 80% of advertising is sent to the incorrect audience. Most medium and large businesses spend millions on advertising. That is a lot of money that is being wasted.

Influencer marketing saves time and money and helps people avoid making this common mistake. It is not necessary to find and analyze the market because influencers can give you information about the psychographics and demographics of their followers.

Increase Business, Sales, and Traffic

88% of marketers say that influencer marketing's return on investment (ROI) is better than or the same as other channels. By working with influencers and their specialized audiences, brands may be able to change the way their customers decide what to buy.

They compel the followers of the influencer to take action, which may lead to:

  • Getting more people to visit websites
  • Getting more people to buy a particular product
  • Getting people to sign up for a campaign.
  • Get feedback on a new product or feature as soon as possible.

Reasons Why Influencer Marketing is Growing 

Even though influencer marketing is popular now, it is not just a new craze. It hasn't even grown to its full size yet. Since its popularity will only grow over the next few years, now is the best time to learn about it and be ready to use it in your plan.

1. Influencers are Increasing in Numbers

Even though there are too many factors, this is not the case. As social media platforms grow, there are more ways for new people to become influential.

Some people will do this on purpose, but others will just talk about their lives while trying to get a brand contract with a business they like. No matter what, more people will build audiences in specific niches. Because of this, you have a better chance of finding someone who speaks to your target audience and is suitable for your e-commerce business.

2. Influencer Marketing Companies are Gaining in Popularity

Like any other business strategy or method, influencer marketing is becoming more common. Today, both firms represent influencers and agencies that help businesses find the right influencers for their strategy. Influencer marketing will keep getting better as the business around it keeps growing.

These companies are an excellent choice for eCommerce businesses that don't want to spend the time or money needed to keep up with the latest trends in influencer marketing. Even if you don't learn everything yourself, you may still be able to take advantage of the massive success that influencer marketing usually brings.

3. There Are Additional Alternatives for the Material

Influencers first wrote blog posts about their favorite products. Then, as social media became more popular, so did the content that influencers made. Video may be the most shared content influencers use to promote companies nowadays. Video platforms like Instagram Live, Facebook Live, YouTube, and TikTok have shown how great video can be.

But with the rise of audio-only applications like the popularity of podcasts, you have to wonder what the subsequent significant development in influencer marketing will be. Even if we may not know the solution, we know it will keep changing. Ecommerce firms may be prepared to take advantage of new, innovative platforms and content by joining these new platforms as they emerge. Influencers are more likely to want to collaborate with you if you have already gained a following on a particular platform.

4. More of the Truth About Influencers is Being Revealed

In different ways, influential people return to where they came from. In the past few years, people have become much more interested in reading posts that haven't been changed too much. They don't want to learn from, listen to, or take advice from someone whose life seems so far away. They'd want to see the real world. They want to see influential people make mistakes and have bad days, then get back up and keep going.

Because everything is out in the open, more people trust and follow influencers, which means more people will see and buy sponsored content. When eCommerce companies work with influencers, they may be able to reach even more customers, especially if the influencers don't only show the best, most edited parts of their lives.

Influencer Marketing Trends

A company needs to know about the most recent changes if it wants to use influencer marketing. So, here are some influencer marketing trends that are likely to be popular in 2022:

Video Advertising

People like to watch and listen to exciting things. The number of sponsored articles is expected to go down in 2022, but the number of videos and podcasts is expected to increase.

Influencers in CGI

More and more influencers are using CGI (computer-generated imagery).

Marketing by Influencers on Instagram

Not only does Instagram have the most users ($1.3 billion), but it also has the most active users. It's not surprising that 29% of advertisers spend their money here. Influencers also choose Instagram over other platforms to market their businesses.

Marketing on YouTube through Influencers

YouTube is the second most popular website in the world, even though it's mostly just watching videos. Additionally, it reaches a disproportionately large fraction of millennials and establishes scaled-up trustworthiness.

Marketing by Influencers on TikTok

With an impressive 70% engagement rate and more than a billion monthly active users, marketers need a firm plan for marketing through TikTok influencers. Brands can work with TikTok creators to reach niche audiences, boost sales, and start marketing campaigns that go viral.

Tools for Marketing to Influencers

Some companies do it themselves, but many choose to work with agencies specializing in influencer marketing. Platforms like Upfluence that help you find influencers make it easier and take less time to find the best influencers for your business.

How to Make Marketing Campaigns With the Help of Influencers 

The following tips on how to use influencer marketing will help you keep up a high ROI:

  • Set a budget and schedule for your coordinated influencer marketing campaign.
  • Look for influencers whose followers are similar to your ideal target market, considering your preferred social media platform, age range, and demographic characteristics.
  • Decide if you'll work directly with influencers or an influencer marketing firm.
  • Choose an influencer campaign and objectives that suit your mutually convenient time frames.
  • Track the campaign's development to maintain product launch or promotion dates.

Campaign Examples That Use Influencer Marketing  

You should consider the campaigns you want to run when making your influencer marketing plan. If you've never used this strategy before, starting with just one is fine. However, a smart influencer program will often try out different types of campaigns.

Gift Product in Exchange for a Mention

This is one of the first marketing campaigns that work incredibly well for micro and macro influencers. They can do it with little work and little money.

Sponsored Content

This way, you pay an influencer to talk about your product or service on their blog or social media. These are a little bit more expensive, but they might work better.

Affiliate Promotion

This is often done by giving an influencer a coupon code or an affiliate link. In this case, there must be a commission or charge per sale.

By Making Content with Them or Hiring Someone Else to Make It

Here, you'll share the content they made on your social media sites. On the other hand, the content could show up on both your channel and theirs.

Influencers Can Take Over Your Account

They will share content with their followers through your account. This lets their people know about your brand.

Working on a Product with a Well-known Person

This is well known in the fashion and beauty industries in particular.

How to Make a Plan for Marketing to Influencers

Now that you're ready to include influencer marketing in your marketing plan, it's time to develop a plan. Creating a plan is an excellent way to ensure you are organized and thorough, just like any other suitable marketing strategy. Influencer marketing can help you reach specific goals, and you can keep track of your progress along the way.

1. Keep track of Your Goals and Critical Measures of Performance.

Any plan that works starts with goals. When you think about influencer marketing for your campaign, you might have more than one goal in mind. The most apparent benefit is making more sales, but working with influencers may help your business in more ways than just short-term changes in sales.

Here are some of these goals:

Getting More People to Know the Brand

By working with influencers, you may be able to show your brand to thousands of potential new customers. They are hearing about your business or following you on social media from someone they trust, so they will be likely to do so.

Finding A New Market to Serve

Working with an influencer is the best way to change your target customer's thoughts. Be aware that it might take more work to show the influencer that your company is the best fit for their audience. Influencers often look out for their followers because they have worked hard to build their fan base and gain their trust. But if you work with the influencer to develop a good advertising plan, they might help you grow your market.

Lead Generation is Made More Accessible

Last, influencer marketing might help you get more leads and customers. Depending on your offer, you might want your relationship with an influencer to point their followers toward a nurturing campaign so they can learn more about your business. You could also send them to your online store to start making sales.

If you know what you want to achieve, it's time to decide on your key performance indicators or KPIs. You'll track these measurements during your campaign and look at when it's over to see how well it did.

To get more people to know about your brand, you might want to keep an eye on how many people visit your website or follow you on social media. If your goal is to get leads, you should keep track of who signs up for your nurturing sequence. With unique coupon codes or URLs for each influencer, it's easy to keep track of sales.

2. Recognize the Influencing Environment

Before you start working with influencers, take the time to learn as much as you can about the environment. Learn about the different types of influencers. We've talked a lot about micro-influencers, but there are also celebrities and macro-influencers. Most of the time, you should avoid superstars because they have so many fans and their prices are sometimes very high.

Spend time watching influencers and learning how they promote products before you talk to someone about your business. By doing this, you can be sure that you know more and can significantly impact the influential person.

3. Talk to Important People

After you're sure you know what you're doing, it's time to connect with people who can help you. There are many ways to find influencers to support your brand, but the best place to start is with people who already work in that field. You'll find out who your competitors are working with and what kind of influencers they want to reach. Then you can choose whether you want to look for people with followers like yours or something else.

Depending on the platform you want to market on, you may be able to find tools that can help you find influencers in your field. InfluenceGrid can be used to find TikTok influencers, and Awario can be used to find influencers on other platforms. But you don't have to use these methods to find influential people. You can use hashtags to look for people posting #sponsored content. Then you can think about who they are writing for and decide if that speaks to you.

You could also start with your supporters. Choose a few people who have already joined the fan club for your brand. Check out the other accounts they follow to see if you can figure out who is important. This is a great way to find someone already focusing on your target audience.

How to Find the Right People to Spread the Word About Your Brand

Even if you have the best influencer marketing plan in the world, it won't work if you can't work with the right influencers. You generally want someone whose specialty attracts the people you want to work with. The people who listen to most influencers should be the same. But it's common to have people outside of your goal. There is a chance that you will find a market here that you didn't expect. You don't want to pick an influencer whose audience doesn't matter, though.

Start By Looking

Influencers can be found in several places, including Google, YouTube, social media, customer databases, email lists, followers, and employees. You might want to use relevant terms when searching on Google and social media. Then, pay attention to who is well-known in your field. The same goes for people who follow you on social media, sign up for your email list, or work for you if you have a lot of followers. The same is true for other authors and thought leaders.

Direct Search on Social Media

One social media platform with its creator directory so you may avoid any third-party applications is TikTok. While they are the only social network with this kind of an open market, expect other networks to follow suit as they attempt to entice the creative economy to their platform in the future.

Platforms for Influencer Marketing

You can use marketplaces and marketing tools to find influencers like 11posts. Some of them let you search for an influencer using different criteria and do most of the work yourself. On the other hand, some people want to keep most of their conversations on the platform.


You can always hire a company to help you. Agencies may be helpful because you don't have to do much more than talk about your influencer marketing plan, approve content, and send a check. If you're just starting, it's a good alternative.

How to Start a Conversation with an Influencer

Here are the fundamentals of contacting influencers before you go into more detail in another piece. Influencers are also people, so it's essential to show them that you're interested in them before asking them to work with you. This will make it more likely that they'll say yes. Influencer markets, where influencers publicly advertise their services, are essentially the sole exception to this rule.

Social Media Signals

Start by reading the influencer's work. For example, you could like their most recent family gathering picture. Or the most recent way they were made. Please share, comment, or like to let other people know. This makes them more likely to take part and shows that you care.

Tell Them How You Feel About Them

Influencers get better when companies or even fans treat them well. By leaving thoughtful comments, you can show that you're interested. It will show that this person is more than just a potential pitch source.

Enter into the DM (direct message)

Because they are so busy, brands talk to influencers A LOT. Showing that you contacted them through their preferred method, usually listed on their website or social network profile, will get their attention.

Don't just try to sneak into the DM whenever you get the chance. Do this after you've talked to them for a while and, if possible after they've seen how much you care! If you don't, your request might be considered spam.

How to Work with Social Media Influencers Effectively?

Building lasting relationships with influencers is essential to any influencer marketing strategy. Generally, the longer an influencer works with your business, the more invested they may become in your success. Not just with employees or business partners.

On the other hand, influencers who don't have their brand seem to like it when their customers do well. Here's how to make connections that last.

Do people who have a lot of influence need to be paid money? Gifts and acknowledgment can go a long way, especially if the customer already likes your business.

For example, a gift card could be given in exchange for a review by a company or brand. Even though this strategy is often cheap, it works best with nano- and micro-influencers.

Second, agree with your influencers. This tells the influencer what you want them to do and how you'll pay them. You should also be clear about how many reviews you want for the content.

Third, make sure that what the influencer suggests you do fits with your plan. Having goals that don't go together is the worst thing you can do. It's a great way to get things you have to pay for, but either can't use or only use in a limited way. You also need to ensure that bad things don't hurt your brand.

Various Influencer Marketing Tools

There are many different kinds of tools for influencer marketing. These help you put your plan for marketing to people with influence into action. Here is an overview of the different kinds of tools here

Tools for Social Listening

These are useful for marketing on social media in many ways. Listening tools look for your brand and then tell you what they find. So, when a creator talks about your brand, you will see this in your reports. This will often help you find people who have a lot of power. It's a great way to figure out how well a campaign worked.

Blog Resources for Outreach

A blogger outreach tool will look for blogs in your industry or on your topic and then show you which bloggers are talking about products like yours. Or, if your items are in a specific niche, the general topics that relate to them. Then, you can get in touch with the right people in the right places to work together.

Finding Resources for an influencer

As it says, this kind of tool helps find people with a lot of influence. Most searches include bloggers and people who make content for social media sites. Discovery tools are a great alternative when you don't have time to do a long search. Also, they will search in more places faster, saving time.

Tools for E-commerce Influence

These are tools for finding things, with a focus on online shopping. In addition to regular social media searches, they will look through your email and customer lists. The goal is to find people who already like your brand or can spread the word about your products.

Markets for Influencers

These tools, sometimes called "influencer platforms," are places where people with a lot of influence can be found. Depending on the type of marketplace, there are many ways to work together on the website. For example, some people handle most transactions, while others only help people get together.

Agencies for Influencer Marketing

Last but not least, there are ways to get what you want that doesn't require any work other than paying the price. The firm will choose an influencer for you based on how you use influencer marketing, what you specialize in, and how much money you have. If you're a busy marketer trying to do many things at once, they might help you.

What Does it Cost to Market with Influencers?

In 2022, businesses worldwide will spend $16.4 billion on influencer marketing. It is an excellent way for small, medium, and large businesses to connect with people on social media.

But how can businesses find the right influencers without spending much money?

The cost of influencer marketing depends on the platform, the company's goals, the influencer's reach, the industry, and how often they post. Think about the following factors that affect the cost of influencer marketing:

  • Social media influencers' number of followers, reach, and engagement rates
  • The use of social media sites like Snapchat, TikTok, Instagram, or YouTube
  • The amount, type, and consistency of content on social media, such as pictures, reviews, long-form videos, short-form videos, and videos of opened products.
  • Sharing promotional content from social media sites on other sites
  • Fees for marketing through influencers

Influencer Marketing vs. a Digital Marketing Strategy

Influencer marketing uses public figures, industry leaders, and professional influencers to promote goods and raise brand awareness on third-party social media platforms.

Digital marketing, on the other hand, does the same thing through social media pages run by the company itself. The best ways to market on social media use both of these.


How does crowdsourcing change the way marketing is done?

Crowdsourcing is when you reach out to your customers and ask them to directly contribute to or comment on the goods and services you offer. It builds brand loyalty because it shows that the company cares about and considers its customers' opinions.

How much does influencer marketing cost?

Influencer marketing is cheap enough that almost anyone can do it. There are a lot of smaller influencers with loyal followers who would be happy to promote your brand or business for a fair price. Even a simple free service trial could be given to an influencer in exchange for their review.

Will influencer marketing still work in the year 2022?

Influencer marketing is more successful than ever because the number of influencers is growing, and people are less interested in traditional advertising. It is expected that influencer marketing will keep growing and changing in the years to come. It might be the most effective way to market in 2022.


No matter what field you're in, the key to your success in 2022 and beyond is influencer marketing. Whether you're a business that offers services to other businesses, a small business that sells goods to the general public, or a musician who wants to build your brand, you need to have a website.

With our best tips on how to make and carry out the most successful influencer marketing plans, you're sure to see a noticeable increase in client engagement.

Even though working with influencers requires some special considerations, the steps for building a campaign are the same as for any other marketing campaign:

  • Research
  • Setting a budget and goals
  • Finding your influencers
  • Reviewing and making changes

After you get into a rhythm, you might make more than one type of influencer marketing campaign.

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